Unified Thread Management System (UTMS)

Unified Thread Management System (UTMS) is an integrated and comprehensive security management solution in one single appliance which consist of network firewall, network intrusion prevention and gateway antivirus, gateway anti-spam, VPN, content filtering and on appliance reporting.

The several benefits that inevitably accrue from implementation of Unified Thread Management System will lead to a perceptible improvement in internet security filtering from existing threats in the internet.

Following are the available tools which we provide under UTMS

Spam Blocker

  • To block the spam at gateway before it reaches the users
  • Leverage the best spam filtering techniques.
  • Filter SMTP, POP and IMAP

Phish Blocker

  • Block Phishing and Pharming at the gateway
  • Protect users from email phishing attack and fraudulent pharming website
  • Protect multiple protocols, including HTTP, SMTP, POP and IMAP
  • Ensure the signature are always up to date with automatic updates

Web Filter

  • Control Web content at the gateway and Protect the network from Malware on the web
  • Block time-wasting site like myspace
  • Conserve bandwidth by blocking audio/video download
  • Leverage community URL categorization.

Virus Blocker

  • Block viruses at network gateway
  • Protect users from virus threats over web(HTTP), email (SMTP, POP and IMAP) and file transfer (FTP) protocol
  • Ensure the signatures are always up to date with automatic updates.

Intrusion Prevention

  • Stop Hacker at the gateway
  • Provide 24/7 network protection from hackers and minimize annoying false positives
  • Ensure that the signature are always up to date with automatic update

Protocol Control

  • Block port hopping applications
  • Conserve bandwidth by blocking applications like peer to peer (P2P) that open multiple TCP/UDP ports
  • Improve productivity by blocking IM and online games that evade firewall rules

Ad Blocker

  • Eliminate annoying Ads and improve page download time
  • Easier to read web pages without distracting Ads
  • Improve Page download time and reduce traffic on the network


  • The first line of defense
  • Designate which system and services (http, ftp, etc) are publicly available
  • Create a DMZ and perform NAT
  • Run as a transparent bridge to complement existing hardware


  • Unprecedented Network Visibility and Monitoring
  • Interactive Drilldowns
  • Monitor behavior at the user, host, email and incident level
  • Understand traffic flows and network usage patterns
  • Fully exportable incident information in CSV format and share reports in PDF formats