Hotspot Management System (HMS)

Hotspot Management System ( HMS) provide and easy and competitive solution for anyone to share his or hers internet connection with advance features for authentication your Hotspot users and controlling how they can connect to the internet.

Linux Kernel

  • Improve overall reliability

User Authentication

  • Only authorized users are allowed to log-on adding security layer over not just WIFI network but also Wired network

Log of servers

  • Report for server activities

Captive Portal

  • Every single packet being sent/received is capture resulting in better management of users/ resources

Walled Garden

  • Redirection to specific websites

Web Cache

  • Power of caching at the gateway
  • Stores frequently requested items locally
  • Serves content from local cache
  • Decrease bandwidth usage and decrease response time

Bandwidth Control

  • Increase Visibility and control over your network
  • Assign per-user
  • Guarantee Network bandwidth for users